As I stare at the blinking cursor on my computer screen, my mind is filled with a million thoughts, most of which center around the pile of boxes across the room that still need unpacked and the stack of dishes sitting in the sink. I feel torn between writing about all the new changes taking […]

Weathering The Storm

Growing up, I never thought twice about tornado warnings. According to my dad’s favorite story, our hometown is protected from tornadoes. An Indian Chief stood “right here” and proclaimed that a tornado would never touch this land. It’s a story I’ve heard at least 800 times, and the stats seem to back it up. Our

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Homemade Hair Mask

Before I became a mother, Sunday nights were “Spa Night”. With the help of some candles and incense, I’d transform my bathroom into an oasis. I’d put one of my many face masks, put some deep conditioner in my hair, and let it work it’s magic while I soaked in my lovely scented bath and

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